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Car Air Conditioning Recharge Service in London, Surrey, Kent & Middlesex

  • Car Air Conditioning Recharge Service London Surrey Kent Middlesex
  • Car Air Conditioning Recharge Service

    Otherwise know as an air con re-Gas or air con recharge, your car’s air conditioning plays an important function, it does more than just keeping the inside of your car cool during warm weather or hot during the cold spells. Air conditioning will improve the quality of the air inside your vehicle. The air conditioning helps to filter out pollutants as well as airborne bacteria and pollen. Obviously with regular usage the refrigerant gas in your car’s air conditioning system slowly diminishes, leaving the need for it to be serviced and refilled, this is especially so when the air con isn’t used regularly. We and manufacturers recommend that you service your air conditioning service every two years, this help keeps the air conditioning system working at optimum level.

    What causes air conditioning problems?

    How Much Does An Air Con Recharge Cost?

    As with everything, the price we charge for a recharge of your car's air conditioning varies, it is soley dependent on the make and model of your vehicle, this is due to different vehicles having different types of refrigerant gas. A large percentage of cars utilise either R134A or R1234YF refridgerant. R134A gas is the cheaper of the two, unfortunately either model is compatible with the other.

    How Do I Know Which Air Con Gas I Require?

    R134A is the most common type of gas used for vehicles manufactured during 2014 or before. Since January 2017 the R1234YF air conditioning gas have been installed mainly due to it's environmental impact over the R134A less friendly version. Since Jan 2017 manufacturers are no longer legally allows to install the R134A model in an effort to reduce global warming. Of your vehicle was manufactured between 2014 and 2016 we would need to look into which gas a recharge would require.

    Does My Air Con Need Recharging?

    We and car manufacturers highly recommend that your vehicle's air conditioning is inspected and recharged approximately every two years. A good tell-tale sign is if your air conditioning is blowing out warm air, or only works some times and not other times. A recharge of your A/C can save your money by increasing your car's fuel efficiency due to the system having less work to do. Another sign is that you have unpleasant smells coming from your air conditioning vents, a service will debug all those nasty smells. We offer a completely free temperature test if you are unsure, just call our friendly team on 0208 089 6162

    What are the possible signs that a car needs an air conditioning service and recharge/re-gas?

    What Happens During Air Con Recharge Service

    Recharging a car or van's air conditioning isn't rocket science. Our highly trained technicians remove the old refrigerant gas and any oil from the A/C system and refill it with the required amount of refridgerant and apply component lubricating oils. Each vehicle has a required amount as per the manufacturer's recommendation. We then preform a vacuum test. This is carried out to ensure there are no cracks inside the air conditioning's system whereby the gas would escape and leak out. A recharge typically takes up to an hour to complete. We can other both an air con recharge/regas and also an anti-bacterial deep clean to ensure your car or van's air conditioning system is running in tip-top condition, pumping out cool air as efficiently as possible.

    How Often Should My Air Con System Be Re-gassed?

    We and manufacturers recommend you service your air conditioning every two years, however, for every year your car runs you will typically lose around 10% of the refrigerant needed to keep the system operate efficiently. As you would expect, as the level drops, the overall effectiveness of your car or van's air conditioning system will also drop. If you can afford it, we suggest you don't allow that to happen and visit us yearly but as a minimum once every two years.

    How Does Car Air Conditioning Work?

    Air conditioning in a car or van works in a very similar fashion to a home fridge or freezer. Fluid inside fridges and freezers change from a liquid state into a gas, as it does so, it cools down. Outside air is then blown past the gas filled coils and is cooled before it is blown into the car’s cabin. The air conditioning gas then returns back into a liquid form inside the air conditioning compressor. This heats up the air which is then directed to the outer side of your car or van.

    What’s included with All our Air Conditioning Recharge Service?

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